Faculty Workshops 2012-13

Wednesday, June 26

Michael Halberstam

Wednesday, June 19

Joe Gerken, The Invention of Legal Research

Wednesday, June 12

Tara Melish, Title TBA

Wednesday, June 5

Matthew Steilen, Title TBA

Friday, May 10

Irus Braverman, Administering (Wild)Life: Integrating the Management of Nature and Captivity

Friday, April 26

James Wooten, An Anatomy of Claims Administration

Friday, April 5

James Milles, Legal Education in Crisis, and Why Law Libraries Are Doomed

Friday, March 29

Julia Tomassetti, Baldy Fellow

Co-sponsored by the Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy

Friday, March 22

Jessica Owley, Private Land Conservation in a Changing Climate.

Friday, March 1

Kathleen Biddick, Baldy Fellow, Tears of Reign:  Big Sovereigns Do Cry

Co-sponsored by the Baldy Center for Law & Social Policy

Wednesday, February 20

Fred Konefsky, In This, the Winter of our Discontent:  Legal Practice, Legal Education, and the Culture of Distrust

Friday, February 8

James Gardner, The Myth of State Autonomy:  Federalism, Political Parties, and the National Colonization of State Politics

Fri. Sept. 14

Susan Mangold, Using Community Based Participatory Research to Study the Relationship between Sources and Types of Funding and Mental Health Outcomes for Children Served by the Child Welfare System

Wed. Aug. 29

Matthew Dimick, Labor Markets and the Politics of Redistribution

Wed. Aug. 15

Michael Halberstam and Érica Gorga (Getulio Vargas Foundation Law School, São Paulo), The Influence of Modern Civil Procedure on Corporate Governance

Wed. Aug. 8

John Henry Schlegel, I Know That It Took Moses 40 Years; Still When Do We See the Promised Land? Recent Adventures in Economy, Law, and Politics

Wed. Aug. 1

Jessica Owley, Cultural Heritage Conservation Easements: Heritage Protection with Property Law Tools