Faculty Workshops 2016-17

--- 2017 ---

Apr. 21

Anya Berrnstein
Title: Imagined Communicators in Statutory Interpretation

Apr. 14

Hiroshi Motomura (UCLA)
Title: Migrants, Refugees, and Citizens: What’s Next for Immigration Law and Policy?

Apr. 7

Errol Meidinger
Title: Mega-Regional Trade Agreements and Global Environmental Governance: The Case of the
Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Mar. 31

Margaret Boittin, (Baldy Speaker - York University)
Title: The Whore, the Hostess, and the Honey: Policing, Health, Business, and the Regulation of Prostitution in China

Mar. 17

Douglas NeJaime (UCLA)
Title: Assimilating Difference

Mar. 10

Erin F. Delaney (Northwestern University Law School)
Title: A Federal Case for Judicial Review: From Structure to Rights

Mar. 3

Mitra Sharafi (University of Wisconsin)
Title: Corruption and Forensic Experts in British India

Feb. 23 & 24

Ocean Legalities: The Law and Life of the Sea

Feb. 17

Matthew Steilen
Title: A Digital Text in Constitutional Law: Some Goals and a Platform

Feb. 10

Ane Mariella Bacigalupo (Baldy Speaker - UB Anthropology)
Title: The Law of the Spirit in Chile: Judge Karen Atala’s Transformative Vision and her LGBT Rights Child Custody Case

Jan. 25 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Michael Boucai, “Constitutionality of Marriage”
Commentators: Matthew Steilen, Isabel Marcus

Presenter: Anthony O’Rourke, “Parallel Enforcement”
Commentators: Matthew Dimick, Errol Meidinger

Jan. 23 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Matthew Dimick, “Strict Product Liability as Redistribution” 
Commentators: Lucinda Finley, Rick Su

Presenter: Justin Simard, “Attorneys, Agency and the Rise of Capitalism”
Commentators: John Henry Schlegel, S. Todd Brown

Presenter: John Henry Schlegel, “Hohfeld”
Commentators: James Wooten, Justin Simard

--- 2016 ---

Dec. 2

Errol Meidinger
Title: Transnational Business Governance Interactions in Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Nov. 18

Martha McCluskey
Title: Law, Economics and the Minimum Wage

Nov. 11

Jennifer S. Hunt
Title: The Perils of Introducing Evidence of Good Character: How Jurors Use Character Evidence and Why Existing Jury Instructions May Not Provide Adequate Protection

Nov. 4

Camilo Arturo Leslie (Baldy Postdoctoral Fellows)
Title: Lay and Expert Ignorance in the Stanford Financial Group Fraud

Oct. 28

David A. Westbrook
Title: The Rise of Celebrity Capitalism

Oct. 21 & 22

Workshop - Gene Editing: Life and Law Beyond the Human

Oct. 21

Fall 2016 Mitchell Lecture - Editing the Environment: Emerging Issues in Genetics and the Law

Oct. 14

Ahmed White, Baldy Distinguished Speaker (University of Colorado)
Title: Its Own Dubious Battle: The Impossible Defense of an Effective Right to Strike

Oc.t 7

Cora True-Frost (Syracuse Law)
Title: Weapons of the Weak: the Prosecutor of the ICC’s Power to Engage the UN Security Council

Sept. 16

John Henry Schlegel
Title: "Thinking About Economic Development: Consider Buffalo"

Sept. 9

Kenneth Abbott (Arizona State University Law School)
Title: Experimentalist Governance 2.0: Taking 'Experiments' (More) Seriously

Sept. 2

John Henry Schlegel
Title: "Community and Economic Change in America: Buffalo, Queen City of the Great Lakes"

Aug. 16 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Anthony O’Rourke " Reforming Parallel Enforcement" 
Commentators: Jonathan Manes, Guyora Binder

Presenter: Luis Chiesa,  "The Non-Riddle of Rape by Deception and the Reality of Sexual Autonomy"
Commentators: Anthony O’Rourke, Guyora Binder

Presenter: Rick Su, "Have Cities Abandoned Home Rule?"
Commentators: Anya Bernstein, Nicole Hallett

Aug. 15 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Brenner Fissell " Federalism and Constitutional Criminal Law" 
Commentators: James Gardner, Luis Chiesa

Presenter: Brenner Fissell & Guyora Binder,  "Capital Punishment of Unintentional Felony Murder"
Commentators: Christine Bartholomew, Anya Bernstein

Presenter: Christine Bartholomew,  "Exorcising the Clergy Privilege"
Commentators: Luis Chiesa, Nicole Hallett

Aug. 3 - Law Review Camp

Presenter: Matthew Dimick, "Better Than Basic Income?  Liberty, Equality and the Regulation of Working Time"
Commentators: S. Todd Brown, Rick Su

Presenter: Matthew Steilen, "The Josiah Phillips Attainder and the Institutional Structure of the American Revolution"
Commentators: Anthony O'Rourke, John Henry Schlegel​