Faculty Workshops 2017-18

--- 2018 ---

Apr. 13

2018 Mitchell Lecture: Jack Balkin (Yale Law School)
Title: The First Amendment in the Second Gilded Age [Details]

Mar. 30

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Shauhin Talesh (University of California, Irvine School of Law)
Title: How Legal Intermediaries Facilitate or Inhibit Social Change
Download the paper (PDF)

Mar. 9

Jessica Owley
Title: Taking the Public out of Public Lands: Shifts in Coal-Extraction Policies in the Trump Administration
Download the paper (PDF)

Mar. 2

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Michael Storper (UCLA Regional and International Development)
Title: The Rise and Fall of Urban Economies: Lessons from Los Angeles and San Francisco
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Feb. 16

John Henry Schlegel
Title: To Dress for Dinner
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Feb. 9

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Allison Hoffman (University of Pennsylvania Law School)
Title: Health Care’s Market Bureaucracy
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Feb 1 - Law Review Camp

 Michael Boucai, "Marriage and the Constitution"
    Commentators:  Lucinda Finley, Amanda Hughett (Baldy Fellow)
    Download the paper (PDF)

 Anya Bernstein “The Language of Democracy in the Taiwanese Bureaucracy” 
    Commentators: Kristin Stapleton (History), Michael Boucai
    Download the paper (PDF)

Christine Bartholomew & Jim Wooten, “Venue under Erisa” 
    Commentators: Anya Bernstein, David McNamee (Baldy Fellow)
    Download the paper (PDF)

Jan. 31 - Law Review Camp

 Rick Su, “Antisanctuary” (by skype) 
    Commentators: Nicole Hallett, Matt Steilen
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Athena Mutua, "Doubting the Morality of Markets:  Race, Class and Economic Liberties."
    Commentators:  Matt Dimick, Mark Bartholomew
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Martha McCluskey, “Beyond Neoliberal Autonomy”
    Commentators: Athena Mutua, Jack Schlegel
    Download the paper (PDF)

Jan. 19 - Law Review Camp

    Presenter: Todd Brown “Medical Care Providers' Duties to Third
    Commentators: Christine Bartholomew, Danielle Duryea
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Errol Meidinger “Trans Pacific Partnership” (by skype) 
    Commentator: Jessica Owley, Tara Melish
    Download the paper (PDF)

Jan. 18 - Law Review Camp

    Presenter: Matt Dimick "Legal Rules versus Income Taxes: The Minimum Wage and Optimal Redistribution Policy.”  
    Commentators: Jim Wooten, Neel Rao (economics)
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Matt Steilen "How to Think Constitutionally About Prerogative"
    Commentators: Jim Gardner, David McNamee (Baldy Fellow) 
    Download the paper (PDF)

    Presenter: Jim Gardner “The Theory of Contestatory Federalism.”
    Commentators: Matt Steilen, Munroe Eagles (political science)
    Download the paper (PDF)

--- 2017 ---

Dec. 8

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Christine Desan (Harvard Law School)
Title: The Monetary Structure of Economic Activity
Download the paper (PDF)

Dec. 7

James Gardner and Antonio Hernández (Baldy Senior Fellow)
Title: Federalism and Constitutional Design
Download the paper (PDF)

Dec. 1

Luis Chiesa & Guyora Binder
Title: Inciting Suicide:  The Puzzle of Michelle Carter
Download the paper (PDF)

Nov. 17

David McNamee (Baldy Center Fellow)
Title: Capital Sentencing and Fundamental Law: A Participatory Case Against Death Qualification
Download the paper (PDF)

Nov. 10

Amanda Hughett (Baldy Center Fellow)
Title: 'A Hazardous Enterprise': Prisoners' Rights Lawyers' Quest for Justice Beyond the Courtroom
Download the paper (PDF)

Nov. 3

Danielle Duryea
Title: Theorizing the Theory of the Case
Download the paper (PDF)

Oct. 27

Rick Su
Title: Democracy in Rural America: Local Governments and the Plight of Rural Communities
Download the paper (PDF)

Oct. 13

Baldy Distinguished Speaker: Harold Koh (Yale Law School)
Title: The Trump Administration and International Law
Download the paper (PDF)

Oct. 6

Nicole Hallett
Title: The Problem of Wage Theft
Download the paper (PDF)

Sept. 8

Matthew Dimick
Title: The Law and Economics of Redistribution
Download the paper (PDF)

Martha McCluskey
Title: Defining the pie, not dividing it: re-framing social justice in law and economics
Download the paper (PDF)

Summer Law Review Camp

July 31

11:00 Steilen, Violence and Treason in the Separation of a Legislative Power
Comments: Manes, Schlegel

12:30 Chiesa, Entrenchment of Patterns of Criminality: Lessons From Comparative Law
Comments: Binder, Bernsteina

1:45  Manes, Secret Techniques: Rethinking Secrecy About Law Enforcement technology
Comments: Chiesa, Milles

Aug. 1

11:00  Bernstein, Democratizing Interpretation
Comments: Gardner, Steilen

12:30  Simard, Citing Slavery 
Comments: Gerken, Phillips

Aug. 8

11:00  M Bartholomew, Neuromarks
Comments: Hunt, Binder

12:30  Gardner, Subnational Contestation in Federal States
Comments: Su, Hinkle

1:45  Duryea, Title to be determined
Comments: Finley, C. Bartholomew

Aug. 9

11:00  C Bartholomew, Who is Afraid of E-Notice
Comments: Brown, Bernstein

12:30  Binder, A Democratic Theory of Unconstitutional Vagueness
Comments: Boucai, Wooten

1:45 A Mutua, The Morality of Markets
Comments: Dimick, Griffler