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Volume 5 - 2019-20

  • The Role of Pilgrimages, Travelogues and Scholarly Reports in Buddhist Law: Editor's Introduction
    Rebecca Redwood French
  • Talking Wittily with an Ill-Behaved Monk: On a Reference to the *Jetavanasūtra in the Mūlasarvāstivāda
    Vinaya Fumi Yao
  • Judicial Ordeals in Premodern Thailand: Robert Lingat’s “Les ordalies au siam” (1949), An Annotated Translation and Commentary
    D. Christian Lammerts
  • Abolishment, Ambiguity, and the Abyss: Buddhists’ Positions on the Death Sentence in Early Modern Tibet
    Berthe Jansen
  • The Tibetan Governmental Transport and Postal System: Horse Services and Other Taxes from the 13th to the 20th Centuries
    Petra Maurer
  • Regulations for Mongolian Monasteries Composed by the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Dalai Lamas in Support of Transnational Géluk Monasticism
    Vesna A. Wallace

Volume 4 - 2018-19

  • The Integrated Discipline of Buddhism and Law: Editor’s Introduction
    Rebecca Redwood French
  • Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Scholars on Dharma, Law, Politics, and Social Ethics: Philosophical Discussions in Boudhanath (Nepal)
    Miguel Álvarez Ortega
  • Thailand’s Lèse-Majesté Law: On Blasphemy in a Buddhist Kingdom
    Eugénie Mériea
  • Purifying the Pātimokkha: Pali Grammar and Buddhist Law in 17th-century Haṃsāvatī
    Aleix Ruiz-Falqués
  • The First Saṅgha Law (Kot phrasong 1), issued by King Rāma I in CE 1782
    Prapod Assavavirulhakarn & Peter Skilling [Bhadra Rujirathat]
  • Indian Buddhist Bathrooms: Politeness, Disgust and Monastic Law
    Christopher Handy

Volume 3 - 2017-18

Special Volume on Monastic Governance in South and Southeast Asia

  • Guest Editor’s Introduction: Buddhist Legal Pluralism? Looking Again at Monastic Governance in Modern South and Southeast Asia
    Ben Schonthal
  • Monks and Ambiguities of Law in Myanmar
    Matthew Walton & Aung Tun
  • Monastic Discipline and Communal Rules for Buddhist Nuns in Myanmar and Thailand
    Monica Lindberg Falk & Hiroko Kawanami
  • Litigating Vinaya: Buddhist Law and Public Law in Contemporary Sri Lanka
    Ben Schonthal
  • Political Disrobing in Thailand
    Thomas Borchert & Susan M. Darlington
  • Imagined Laity and the Performance of Monasticism in Northern Thailand
    Michael R. Chladek
  • Governing the Monastic Order in Laos: Pre-modern Buddhist Legal Traditions and Their Transformation under French Colonialism
    Gregory Kourilsky & Patrice Ladwig

Volume 2 - 2016-17

  • Is Buddhist Law “Sophisticated”?: Editor’s Introduction
    Rebecca Redwood French
  • Undetermined Matters: On the Use of Lay Witnesses in Buddhist Monastic Procedural Law
    Jens W. Borgland
  • The Interface of Mongolian Nomadic Culture, Law and Monastic Sexual Morality
    Vesna Wallace
  • Of Texts and Drama: Delivering Justice in Bhutan
    Richard Whitecross
  • Translocal Debates and Legal Hermeneutics: Early Pāli Vinaya Texts in the Adjudication of Sīmā Procedures, c. 1200–1900 CE
    Petra Kieffer-Pülz
  • Withdrawal from the Monastic Community and Re-ordination of Former Monastics in the Dharmaguptaka Tradition
    Ann Heirman

Volume 1 - 2015-16

  • Editor’s Introduction
    Rebecca Redwood French
  • Re-ordination of Former Buddhist Nuns in the Theravāda Tradition
    Petra Kieffer-Pülz
  • Women’s Aspirations and Soteriological Agency in Sarvāstivāda and Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya Narratives
    Dhammadinnā Bhikkhunī
  • Ideology and Law: The Three Seals Code on Crimes Related to Relics, Images, and Bodhi-trees
    Peter Skilling
  • How King Rāmādhipati Handled His Boundary Case: Sīmā, Sāsana, and Buddhist Law
    Jason A. Carbine
  • Negotiating Modalities of Succession: The Interplay between Different Legal Spheres in Eighteenth-Century Mongolia
    Dorothea Heuschert-Laage