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Name, Image and Likeness Project

This site provides various informational and sample documents for Student Athlete’s to review and consider before engaging in an Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) deal.

The compiled documents have been assembled through rigorous research and discussions on the changing NIL landscape by third-year law students at the School of Law, who are a part of the Buffalo Sports and Entertainment Law Society. Some of the information provided is compliance with federal law and institutional policies, tax ramifications, a sample contract, prospective student athlete intake checklist and more. Contributing authors include: Michael Perlo, Connor Johnson, Joe O’Bryan, Grace Ponterio, John Liberti, Charlie Desmond and Helen “Nellie” Drew, faculty Expert on Sports Law.

Disclaimer: All of the documents produced and information provided is merely recommendations at this current point in time, and is not legal advice. The information provided is meant to be a consultation tool to shed light on the changing landscape of NIL, aspects of engaging in a deal that are typically overlooked, and ways to maintain university compliance.