Photo by Danielle Coogan.

Photo by Danielle Coogan

Community Cat Model Ordinance

The term “community cat” usually refers to a feline who lives in a community without a particular owner. In the past, such free-roaming cats (common throughout the country in urban, suburban and rural settings) were often rounded up and killed – but that proved an ineffective approach for all.

Community cats can live happy and healthy lives and help control rodent populations through supported community efforts.

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Model Community Cat Ordinance & FAQ

Background & Summary

Draft Ordinance


- Erie County Resolution

Maintaining a Healthy Cat Population

The best way to ensure a balance of healthy cats within a content community is to employ TNVR (Trap, Neuter, Vaccinate, and Return).

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Law School Engagement

Students, faculty and alumni of the SUNY Buffalo Animal Law Pro Bono Project drafted a model TNVR ordinance for a local task force of diverse stakeholders, consulting nationally with leaders in the field. The City of Buffalo passed the ordinance in June 2014.

The SUNY Buffalo Animal Law Pro Bono Project is currently working with local governments throughout western NY to encourage passage of additional community cat legislation.

The SUNY Buffalo Animal Law Pro Bono Project is also consulting nationwide on community cat legislation with various experts and communities.